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My income has tripled by end of the year. Not and I work less hours and make way more money!

My checking account is a reflection of how much I have benefited from our work together and realizing that I have power to change anything in my life and manifest what I want. I’ve been able to be financially free… to the point of my total bills paid and still can plan fun activities with my family plus helping my parents financially without working 24/7.”


Social Media Branding Expert

Angel is an amazing powerful healer with compassionate heart.

She tuned into exactly what I needed at the moment and did some very deep healing. She healed so may ancestral patterns that were holding me back.

The next day I felt amazing and had unexpected abundance such as a free luxury upgrade for my rental car and making it onto a full ferry with only a couple of inches to spare  I highly recommend Angel!


Medical Intuitive Healer

YOU have changed my life, my mind and my outcome from stagnant to abundance.

I had many past blockages that did not allow me to move forward in my life and career. I felt stuck in terms of my business and was struggling to meet all of my career and personal goals.

Angel, you have helped me increase not just my bottom line but also the incredible result that my clients are receiving now are so incredible and life changing.


Professional Integrity Coach

The best result I have achieved is bringing happiness back to my life and me feeling

You brought confidence in me to help my business grow. I now feel comfortable
making decisions and if something is hindering me I have tools and resources to
channel to. 

I started to learn so much about ME and how I need to put ME first. I love that I can speak freely with my family about this experience and to share with me how they have seen me grow. It is an awesome feeling 🙂

After our healing session on Friday, I found out that I won a 2018 planner, won a Thirty One Duffle bag, was chosen as 1 of 70 applicants for a 3 hour business strategy workshop and sold so much of my products. I am so grateful to the Universe and you and the creator.

I have released so much resentment towards money, my lower back pain was gone and I now feel lighter.”

Thank you Angel.

Erica Mae

Transformational Coach

Release of resentment towards my father – reestablished trust towards men. This is HUGE.

As I have acquired a big distrust towards men in the work environment, where promotions equates to increase in income. So even though I have changed the work environment, insecurities of deserving abundance have carried over with it. I am able to apply self-love practices and that is allowing me to feel deserving and worthy of money. I no longer feel a prisoner to my family’s background and belief of poverty or that hard-work only means blue-collar manual labor.

I can’t begin to thank you enough for what you bring into my life. Your gift has brought me peace with accepting my own gift-intuition and to use it. Before, I would talk myself out of my gut instinct or wait for validation from someone else. I no longer feel the need to do either anymore. I’ve never felt more alive or confident in my future. Thank you and your gift.


Self-Empowerment Coach

I found my purpose and the value of loving myself and caring for myself before all others.

Yes I highly recommend working with Angel to any women struggling to find their purpose in life. To any women that know they want more but aren’t sure where to start. I would recommend Angel to those that are ready for serious uplevelling in their life and are willing to invest the time and the heart it takes to accomplish these things. Angel is able to clearly see through all of your B.S. (blind spots). She is loving but will not sugarcoat anything because she wants you to truly succeed. She holds you accountable for your own journey. 

The energy healing sessions that I received as part of my group coaching package were phenomenal. It really helped me energetically align myself to truly being able to receive positive abundance and helped me learn a whole lot about myself.


Transformational Leadership Coach


“After the sessions I began to make great progress in my business.

I became focussed in what I was doing and more so to make more money from my business. I began to understand my value , that I am worthy”

It has opened my eyes to some deep issues that I never thought could be the cause for my lack of progress in life. I never knew that some of these issues could be deep rooted in my DNA. I have also got tools to use when I find a blockage in my progress. I now know how manifest what I want using the skills you taught .

I remember the first time when I manifested winning a prize at a woman’ show, it took me by surprise because at that time I was still having that “I’m not worthy mindset” but it happened to me. It was so exciting.

I would certainly recommend your services to other women who might be in the same position as I was. People who might have the knowledge of what to do in life but work on it as hard as they can they never seem to get results or make any progress.

I hope you are going to offer your course to affiliates to promote- I would be one of those affiliates.

Angel has elevated my life and business in ways I have never thought possible. For example she has helped me tap into my own spiritual self by becoming aware of what it is that I need to be doing daily to open up myself to the Universe and all of the abundance that I know is just waiting for me.

I was able to work on my website and position my business in a way that I begin to make money out of it.

I gained the confidence to make clear call to action to my customers. Thank you.


Content Creation and Marketing Coach

“You’re freakin awesome Angel! My relationship with my sister has been mended. My burdens have been lifted”

So I have to share my first time clearing session with Angel… In the beginning I could feel I was tense in my body. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

As Angel started guiding me to take a few deep breaths and listening to her very sooting voice I began to relax and feel more at ease… I won’t go into to detail of what she told me but I will say it was right on point. I was holding a lot of anger, resentment, and even hatred for, who I thought was my father, was actually for my sister. So many memories of my disconnected relationship with my sister started to show up and the tears began to fall.

I knew I had issues with her but pushed it down and since I rarely spent any time with her, I thought I was just going on with my life. But the fact is, all those negative emotions were like a giant blind spot in my life that is keeping me from my good. After the session was over, I took my puppy for a walk and couldn’t stop crying…The thought came that I needed to talk to my sister and let her know how I felt but, I was fearful of the response I might get. This is where it gets good… =)

As I was mulling it over in my head and walking back to the house, I got a text out of the blue from… wait for it… My sister!! Mind you, we hardly ever see each other and text maybe once every few months! The Universe made it possible for me to let her know my feelings…You gotta love the Universe, right?

We talked for almost 2 hours! She immediately told me how sorry she was about our broken relationship and her part in it! She told me she thought of me everyday and prayed that we could mend our sisterhood. I’m so thankful that I committed to doing a clearing with Angel, it literally has changed the course of my life. We actually made plans to go to a movie together!! Thank you so much Angel!! =)


Digital Marketing Consultant


The BEST thing working with Angel was how connected she made me feel with my own spiritual self and that I am right where I need to be right now, in my life.”

To work with Angel was amazing! She has this “wonderful” sense of guidance and pure love about her, that just made me feel really comfortable and at ease. She made me feel more “at peace” with myself than I had ever felt before 🙂 Angel helped me so much in working through my challenges of feeling undeserving and lack mentality.

I felt that meeting Angel, through the women’s connection community was where I was being guided to meet her and learn from this wonderful, spiritual woman who just seems to “know. Full of gratitude!!

I would highly recommend Angel and her services to anyone who is in need of spiritual guidance and wants to live a more “peaceful” life and learn how to tap into their full potential. Those that are more “open” to learning new ways are the ones that will benefit the most from Angel 🙂

Angel has elevated my life and business in ways I have never thought possible. For example she has helped me tap into my own spiritual self by becoming aware of what it is that I need to be doing daily to open up myself to the Universe and all of the abundance that I know is just waiting for me. Angel has helped me to elevate my life by showing me that I can tap into my inner power at any time and utilize that power to bring me more happiness and joy than I could ever imagine. Angel brought so much value to me and shared with me her strategies that have helped her to achieve her own success and for that I am forever grateful.

Angel you are freakin amazing! 


“Angel, you’re freakin’ awesome!  You are the real deal! That’s how i felt. I called my mom immediately after our session to share my experience. It was real, it was powerful.”

I enjoyed working with you. I feel a big difference after our session. I was drained the first day. I imagine that would be normal. But i can overall i felt stronger and more confident in myself and in my own power. I love that you made me feel very comfortable to be open and honest and speak my truth. Which can be difficult to do especially when speaking with someone for the first time

You helped me resolved my fear and we broke some barriers that I had in relation to money. Its funny because it just came out as we spoke, i didn’t even realize it was a barrier. I Would say it was more of a subconscious limiting belief I had. You helped  me identify limiting beliefs , allows for corrections and changes to be made.

I would absolutely recommend you to others. I would want to work with you again and recommend you to my parents as well.





“The whole experience working with you was deeply insightful and I feel much grounded. You nailed a lot of things and I left feeling more liberated than when I began”

I feel more determined to move closer to my goals, stay focused and ground myself using the techniques you shared with me. The only fear I had was the guilt I would feel not being able to commit and move forward with sessions due to money issues.

Angel, you were appreciative of my situation. You brought more awareness to me that it is vitally important to set healthy and firm boundaries, and to not get sidetracked by all the distractions of life.

I would definitely recommend you to others who are struggling in a myriad of ways. Your work encompasses way more than the superficial.


“I have achieved peace and the feeling that Angel created was a space for love, acceptance and freedom of expression.”

I appreciate so much your sweetness and gentleness. It feels like you are wrapping your wings around me as you do the session saying “It’s ok, I’ve got you”. I am amazed at how you can speak with angels and ancestors and how they are drawn to your energy. What a beautiful gift that you are providing people and the world.

I have never recollected past feelings and emotions as I had with you and being able to release those means that I can move on. You have helped me resolved my fear and I have been able to forgive my father after holding onto resentment.  You have many gifts and to trust that you have the tools to help on a very deep level. Thank you.

I would absolutely recommend you to anyone who is looking to clear unresolved belief’s with people who have past or for anyone looking to work on finding what is holding them back from their purpose in life.


“You’re freakin awesome Angel! It was great working with you! You made me feel better about myself ❤️.”

I love working with you and getting past old hurts so I can move on with my life 💙 Many of the things we talked about were things that I thought I was over. I did the forgive and let go on my own… but it seems that I was deeper than that! Thank you

I believe we made a lot of progress in resolving and clearing self-sabotage! I feel more confident in myself now. I feel like I can do what I need to do without the fear that’s been holding me back 💛🔆🙏 I am confident now that I can get past my weight issues and make better decisions about my wellness.

I would definitely recommend you to anyone and everyone. You are amazing Angel! Just the way you are…

Mary Lou

Intuitive Coach

“I have received sales, cash/gifts I was not expecting- cleared minor debt and manifested opportunities that may not have presented itself before going though this process.”

I have manifested money more than ever before, I learned about relatives I did not know I had from the Karma clearing. I also received a personal message for me from my father after his passing. it was was comforting and has help me to heal and truly forgive him.

You have helped me to look at life more optimistically and how to turn lemons into lemonade.  I can’t begin to thank you enough for what you bring into my life. Your gift has brought me peace with accepting my own gift-intuition and to use it. I’ve never felt more alive or confident in my future. Thank you and your gift.



“I was on a real high after our session and subsequent follow ups”

I think it really helped resolve some of the long time family issues and enlightened me on that some of my blocks have been passed down through several generations. Helped me see that those old voices were not really true!! Got rid of a lot of dead people photos and that helped too! Working with Angel has made me aware of my how my subconscious has old programming and I have to be aware of my self talk…is it really true or old thoughts passed down.

I found the courage to get rid of a lot of stuff in my house that were not mine that were causing stagnant energies and had been weighing me down with Angel’s help. I had so much awareness of what’s going on in my life.


Transformational Leadership Coach

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