Heal your financial trauma and scarcity mindset and Manifest financial abundance with ease in a sacred, high vibrational space full of love and support

Hi! I’m Angel Alvaro And Soulful Manifestors Lab Was Born To Help You Manifest Financial Abundance With Ease in a safe and sacred place where you’re supported

Angel is a master energy healer born from long lines of powerful healers on both sides of her family. Healing is and has always been in her blood and not just learned. 


Angel is an international transformational speaker, co-author and an upcoming author. 


She helps women accelerate their wealth and success, find their soul’s purpose through life accelerator coaching, mentoring & energy healing. She shows her clients that being wealthy and spiritual are their birthright.


From massive sexual trauma to lack of trust for men to now being happily married to her soulmate and best friend to bankruptcy in 2015 to financial freedom, consistent 5 figures income in just 2 years into embracing her soul’s purpose of being a Life accelerator and wealth activator Coach & Mentor.


Her clients went on to manifest collective results of over $1M in financial abundance, financial freedom, dream homes, dream jobs, salary increase, job promotions, attracted their soul mates, married their soulmates, manifested their dream cars, experienced deep transformational healing that is tangible and so much more. Learn more at AngelAlvaro.com


Things that will keep on happening to you if you don't join Soulful Money Mindset Mastery:


Worry about not having enough money to pay all the bills and you’re Constantly caught up in toxic scarcity mindset, lack, poverty mentality and desperation


Playing small and afraid to shine so bright due to people pleasing and good girl syndrome


Pull your hair out trying to make ends meet


Struggle to manifest your desires due to feeling unworthy, lack self-confidence, vows of invisibility and silence


Secretly suffers from depression, anxiety, and worry and you feel like you’re never supported.


Constant feeling of unworthiness and not good enough and imposter syndrome paralyzes you from taking action.


Spending money so quick when you receive it or that money only passes by your hands? Do you feel that you are never worthy or deserving to have more than enough money in your bank account? (This is a sign of ancestral vow of poverty.)


Feeling paralyzed with fear at the thought of running out of money? Do you feel overwhelmed with anxiety and worry when thinking about your bills?(scarcity or lack mentality which is vow of poverty)


Close your eyes for a second and…



YOU getting all the support you need  to manifest your desires in a loving and supportive environment


Heal your relationship with money, say goodbye to your money fears  and struggles. AND FINALLY CLAIM YOUR BIRTHRIGHT THAT IS FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE!!!


YOU learning advanced practices in manifesting and understanding more about energies in the most FUN and sacred space that supports your growth


YOU receiving free coaching and healing bi-weekly about manifesting to finally embrace financial abundance coming your way with ease  and feeling worthy and good enough


YOU Having tons of fun and pleasure manifesting your desires with ease


YOU shifting from being constantly caught up in a toxic cycle of scarcity, lack and desperation, enjoying a true sense of peace knowing how to create abundance for you and your family


Bi-weekly group healing

60 minutes of group healing monthly where we dive into your limiting beliefs to clear and release them and replace them with empowering beliefs to help you manifest the life you love. ($1000 VALUE)


Bi-weekly New Moon Abundance Ceremony and Full Moon Release Ceremony

We harness the moon energies, RECEIVE healing and activations to manifest your desires (financial abundance) and release what no longer serves you during  these super-charged Moon ceremonies 

Bi-weekly Live Manifesting Q & A call

60 minutes of Live Bi-Weekly Manifesting Q & A call where I answer your questions about manifesting, give you psychic insights, gives you feedback and action to take and remove the blocks from that challenge right away and receive healing as well ($1000 VALUE)

Replays of Healings & Workshops & Moon Ceremonies

Get UNLIMITED access to tons of replays workshops such as How to Become a Soulful Money Magnet, How to Work with Abundance Angels, of healing and activations sessions that are embedded with healing energies, access to potent manifesting rituals that gets you fast results inside the group $3000 VALUE

Weekly Sacred Soul Alignments and Activations for Abundance, Wealth & Success

Receive 1 alignment or activations weekly based on the need of the group ($500 VALUE)

Weekly Psychic Readings

Receive weekly psychic readings even if you’re not able to attend the live calls to get divinely guided messages from your spirit guides.($500 VALUE)

Special discounts

Receive Special discounts on my other workshops and live events, coaching services that is only available for being a member of this group ($$$ VALUE)

+ FREE Closed Facebook Group Membership

FREE access to our closed Facebook Group where you can get support, inspire and get inspired by other like-minded entrepreneurs/manifestors, and get to ask questions and receive answers in the group.

Receive all of these BONUSES too:

Bonus #1: How To Become A Money Magnet

Learn a powerful ritual to manifest money fast in this workshop

Bonus #2: FAST Powerful Manifest Method That has members manifest their desires instantly

Would you like to manifest your desires instantly? This very powerful method will have you manifesting instantly…

Bonus 3: 30 Days of Abundance Journey

Members have manifested $30K in sales with ease using the powerful rituals in this abundance journey

Bonus 4: $50Million Process

This powerful process is designed to raise and align your vibrational Frequency To The Amount Of Money You Desire

Bonus 5: How To Make Law Of Attraction Work For You Every Single Time

This workshop will make you understand why law of attraction isn’t working for you and how you can make it work for you every time

Bonus 6: Digital Vision Board Workshop

Create your own digital vision board that you can see wherever you are to stay connected with your vision

Bonus 7: Magic Money Chant and How To Work With Abundance Angels

Use this magic money chant to align your vibrations to energy of money and have your money blocks get healed as you chant it. 
Learn how to work with abundance angels to help you manifest financial abundance and more

Bonus 8: Abundance Prayer For Business 🔮 and Naked Manifesting Technique

Naked manifesting technique is a potent ritual you can use to manifest fast

Bonus 9: How To Reset Your Energetic Money Set point

Every person has a set energetic money set point that’s why the income ceiling. You must reset it to go past your income ceiling and you can in this workshop

Bonus 10: LIVE healing weekly

including but not limited to money blocks with healing energies embedded on replays so you can watch it anytime as often as you can

Healing request

request healing on a specific area as a member once a month

Tools to protect your energy

Learn tools on how to protect yourself from negative energies

Receive channeled message

Receive channeled message from your loved ones who passed away, this is a powerful healing

ancestral vows group clearing

receive ancestral vows group clearing

🔮Receive 3 card pull on your birthday

As a gift for being a valued member of our community, you’ll receive a 3 card pull on your birthday.

🔮Receive divine guidance on 1 area monthly

As a gift for being a valued member of our community, you’ll receive psychic guidance on 1 specific area of your life.

REPLAYS of Supercharged Moon ceremonies

watch all the replays and receive the healing from them

Be a part of a bigger MISSION

Be a part of a bigger MISSION – child sponsorship through World Vision Philippines 🇵🇭

UNLIMITED ACCESS to all the contents in the group as long as you’re a paying member





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