Energy Healing Services

Energy Clearing and Healing Sessions

Are you ready to release resentments, regrets or rejection from your life? Do you know that all these causes so much health issues?

Have you had any painful or traumatic experiences in your life that needs to be healed? Have you been sexually abused and struggle to let go and forgive?

Are you tired of living a life that's full of negativity?

Are you tired of spinning your wheels and going nowhere?

Have you tried all of the diets and other solutions out there to lose weight or gain weight and still get zero results?

Are you tired of all the health issues you have such as weight issues, energy or physical pains?

I use all of my psychic abilities(being psychic and medium) to find out what limiting beliefs, vows or ancestral karma you have that have been holding you back and preventing you from living an extraordinary life the you absolutely love!

I clear blocks about money, self-love, health, relationship and success in all levels that they may be existing such as your subconscious mind (this is what everyone is aware of), ancestral level, in your genes and at the soul level.

I also clear and heal all the traumatic and painful experiences you may have such as sexual trauma, PTSD, etc.

Here are some of the energy clearing sessions that  is included in my sessions:

  • Ancestral Karma Clearing and Healing for Healthy and Abundant Life
  • Release vows, contracts and agreements you took with your ancestors and parents in all lifetimes
    • vow of poverty
    • vow of betrayal
    • vow of responsibility
    • vow of obedience
    • vow of silence
    • and so much more
  • Cord cutting, releasing negative attachments that drains your energy
  • Clearing and healing past traumatic and painful experiences.
  • Clearing negative energy from your home and properties
  • Remove radiation from your body and your house
  • Receive messages from your loved ones who passed away during session

Your healing sessions are such a great gift! Speaking from personal experience, thanks to Angel, I was able to release a childhood vow i made towards my Mother to ensure that she would be happy! For me that meant that I would get hit, belittled or betrayed by her. In an earlier session, we had healed the vow of responsibility I felt for the physical, emotional and psychological abuse. However that vow showed up everywhere in my life and thanks to that second Healing session, that vow released liberated me and I feel lighter, my professional and personal relationships are much better, those with which I had issues are more smooth and clearer!
I can't wait to heal the next Peel of hurt/vow that is still in my heart, spirit & soul!

Steph testimonial for Angel Alvaro
Steph Desnoyers Triathlete


1 x 1 Hour Energy Healing Session
Release Abundance Blocks
Ancestral Karma Clearing
Heal Trauma from painful experiences
Release & Heal Health Blocks
Session is Private & Confidential


5 x 1 Hour Energy Healing Session
Release Abundance Blocks
Ancestral Karma Clearing
Heal Trauma from painful experiences
Release & Heal Health Blocks
DNA Activation
Clear out Negative energy from your house
1 Session every month for 6 months
Session is Private & Confidential


3 x 1 Hour Energy Healing Session
Release Abundance Blocks
Ancestral Karma Clearing
Heal Trauma from painful experiences
Release & Heal Health Blocks
1 Session every month for 3 months
Session is Private & Confidential


GIVE A LIFE-CHANGING GIFT OF HEALING and your loved ones or friends will be forever grateful to you!

Watch this quick video tutorial on how to proceed on buying your gift certificate to avoid confusion and so that you can keep this as a surprise to your recipient if you wanted to.

What people say about Angel Alvaro...!

I have manifested money more than ever before, I have received sales, cash/gifts I was not expecting- cleared minor debt and manifested opportunities that may not have presented itself before going though this process. I learned about relatives I did not know I had from the Karma clearing. I also received a personal message for me from my father after his passing. It was was comforting and has help me to heal and truly forgive him.

Aisha Black-Darby testimonial for Angel Alvaro
Aisha Black-Darby Mompreneur

Angel has elevated my life and business in ways I have never thought possible. For example she has helped me tap into my own spiritual self by becoming aware of what it is that I need to be doing daily to open up myself to the Universe and all of the abundance that I know is just waiting for me.

Joan harrington
Joan Harrington Entrepreneur

I am able to apply self-love and that is allowing to feel deserving of money. I no longer feel a prisoner to my family's background of poverty or that hard-work only means blue-collar manual labor.

Angel Alvaro
Christi Allen Self-Empowerment Coach

In my life, I noticed that so much of my home was decorated with my families stuff...not my stuff! And I had felt a need to keep it....not anymore though as I want to empower myself more! Surround myself with things I love, things that make me happy. Not things that I feel obliged to have!...still getting rid of stuff 🙂

diane charlton testimonial for angel alvaro
Diane Charlton

It has opened my eyes to some deep issues that I never thought could be the cause for my lack of progress in life. I never knew that some of these issues could be deep rooted in my DNA. I now know how manifest what I want using the skills you taught. I remember the first time when I manifested winning a prize at a woman' show, it took me by surprise because at that time I was still having that "I'm not worthy mindset" but it happened to me. It was so exciting.

Siphosith Sithole testimonial for Angel Alvaro
Siphosith Sithole Entrepreneur

It was incredible! You gave me the safe place for me to be open to the healing and releasing. I was uncertain at the beginning and each breath in and out was so powerful - it all became clear! I really enjoyed you guiding me and respecting my own thoughts. There was no transfer from you to me, but a real guiding!

Steph Desnoyers testimonial for Angel Alvaro
Steph Desnoyers

Angel is amazing! I had a reading done some time ago with her and many things she said either made sense and were unfolding at the time I had the reading or did soon after I am planning to start having her as a regular guide to me she is probably one of the best I have seen in this field if you want true value and a woman who works and speaks from her heart and will lead you in the right direction you want Angel!

Bridget’s testimonial for Angel Alvaro
Bridget Lee Huhn Motivational Speaker Coaching With Bridget Lee Huhn

Angel Oracle Card Reading Sessions

Why get an Angel Oracle card reading?

Angel Oracle Card reading is a powerful, effective and safe healing modality that will help you:

  1. receive guidance from your guardian angels about your life's purpose, manifestations, relationships, etc.
  2. release fears or any emotional blocks that is preventing you from living an abundant life
  3. heal your body and life
  4. clarify hidden blocks
  5. receive angelic assistance
  6. Receive messages from your love ones who passed away
  7. Receive guidance about your future

I offer several packages for Angel Oracle Card reading below:

Angel Oracle Card Reading Session - 60 Minutes - $155

Buy 3 Angel Oracle Card Reading Session, GET the 4th FREE!

3 1-hour Angel Oracle Card Readings that can be used within 8 months from date of purchase
powerful intuitive coaching

"I will forever be thankful for her guidance and she will be forever a mentor in my life."

Her Angel Oracle card readings really confirmed my doubts I carried with me. It helped create a positive vibe for this new coming year…

She provided me great insight about myself that I’ve been ignoring and she brought it back to my awareness. Her guidance confirm my path I am looking to accomplish. She even helped me open my eyes about different opportunity in my life that I would of never thought about if it was not for her.

Denise Cardenas | Entrepreneur
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